T-Clip SOS

With the white, clearly visible T-Clip SOS, the wearer can be identified immediately via the printed QR code and important people can be contacted easily.
The clip offers many innovative functions that can be called up quickly and easily with a smartphone in an emergency situation without an additional app. The clear presentation enables the helpers to be contacted immediately.

  • Individual large title photo for quick recognition
  • E-mail alert
  • Geo localization with GPS of the scanning smartphone
  • Display of important health data (e.g. allergies)
  • Pinboard for data exchange without registration
  • Simple data entry and updating
  • Remote access via smartphone, tablet or PC

Thanks to the non-slip silicone material and the magnetic closure, the T-Clip can be easily attached to a clearly visible part of clothing.

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The T-Clips help to quickly identify the carrier by the persons providing assistance. Important contact persons such as family, friends, doctor or caregivers can be alerted at the touch of a button via smartphone. The wearer decides for himself which information and data are important and should be displayed. The T-Clip is configured and ready to use in just a few moments. Thanks to the cloud-based data storage, the data is stored securely and reliably and protected against unauthorized access. All data can be updated at any time with the smartphone, tablet or PC and the individual user account (login).
The unique PINBOARD FUNCTION enables the exchange of current photos and text messages between everyone involved during an emergency situation people without them having to exchange or know their contact details. Anyone who has scanned the QR code or been alerted by email via the specific URL link can access the pinboard. Anyone can use the pinboard, even if they are not Thync.it users.

IMPORTANT: An active internet connection is required to access the data and contact information. 


The unique functions combined on the QR code of the bracelet allow customization of all information and contact details:
  • Launch emergency calls immediately via quick call buttons in the webapp (without digiting a number)
  • Automatic URL link transmission via email to the person to be called -> fast data exchange
  • Add unlimited contacts (name and contact options)
  • Personal data (height, weight, diet, etc.)
  • Health data (allergies, medications, diets, vaccinations, etc.)
  • All data can be updated remotely at any time via the web app with a smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Length of the bracelet individually adjustable
  • Non-slip security thanks to silicone and magnetic closure
  • No electronics or batteries - no maintenance required 
  • Very durable and water-resistant silicone material


These are a few application examples. Of course, the SOS Clips can also be used in other ways:
  • Indoor and outdoor sports
  • Travelling
  • Trade and industry for employee identification
  • Health care
  • Patients in care facilities
  • Elderly people
  • Major events
  • Crèches / Children
  • Where quick person identification is required


Click on the QR logo or scan the QR code with your smartphone:
SOS App Sample


Size: 120x20mm (open up)
Weight: 16 Gramm
Coulors: white (more on request)
Waterproof: yes
Customization yes, from 500 pieces (MOQ); text or logo on clip customizable; Different colors available


Simplify access to your data and save your Thync.it code directly on your smartphone.
Select "Add to start screen" in the browser menu (3 dots in the display). This will create an icon on your home screen of your device. Similar as with an app, you can easily access your Thync.it code data. The QR code no longer needs to be scanned.


Protect the printed or engraved QR code from mechanical influences such as impact, scratching or abrasion. Avoid contact with chemical substances or strong sunlight. The item can be cleaned with lukewarm water, soap and a soft brush with little pressure.
Not suitable for washing machines.
If the QR code should still become illegible, you will lose no data. These are stored securely and reliably in a cloud-based data center and can be connected to a new Thync.it product. In addition, the data can be called up at any time in your Thync.it user account.
Attention: Magnetic clip - keep away from electronic equipment and displays.

Contact our CUSTOMERSERVICE if you need any support. 


We do not have any accessories or replacement parts for this product.
Please contact our CUSTOMERSERVICE.

Data sheet

Storage Capacity
10 MB
Storage time
5 Years
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