Digital keychain for immediate and reliable identification of your lost keys or objects by the finder.
The key owner can be contacted immediately and anonymously by any finder using a smartphone. A handover location can be agreed quickly within minutes. For security reasons, no personal data will be disclosed to the finder.

Your personal data will remain protected at all times!

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With Thync.it's T-Keychain, a lost keychain can be quickly returned to its owner - without having to publish the contact details. Your personal information will remain anonymous at all times. This increases security and speeds up key handover.
In contrast to conventional key services, the key owner can be contacted immediately via smartphone. The handover of keys can be easily arranged at the same location and carried out in a few minutes.
No additional APP is required for the configuration. All data can be updated directly via the web browser (web app technology).

How it works:
  1. Someone finds the lost keys and scans the QR code.
  2. The owner will receive an automatic scan notification via email.
  3. The name, telephone number or e-mail and a short message can be registered via the integrated contact form.
  4. The information will be emailed to the key owner (the email address will not be visible to the finder)
  5. The key owner will receive the message immediately
  6. The key owner can call the finder and arrange a handover location (e.g. checkout at the supermarket)
  7. The finder can also share and transmit his current location (GDPR-compliant)
  8. The key owner will receive the key back at the agreed meeting point within a short time.
IMPORTANT: An active internet connection is required to access the data and contact information.


The unique feature on the T-keychain allows for customization of all information and contact details:
  • Contact via anonymous contact form
  • Automatic email alert for every scan
  • Current location transmission of the finder after release (GPS data of the smartphone is transmitted)
  • Choose your own cover photo to personalize your keyfinder webapp
  • Add text message or instruction to finder


These are many uses. Of course, the keychains can also be used in other ways:
  • House key
  • Vehicle Key
  • Luggage tag
  • Sports equipment
  • Anywhere where keys need to be identified quickly


Click on the QR logo or scan the QR code with your smartphone:
Keychain App Sample


Sizes: 28x57x5mm
Ring diameter: 27mm
Weight: 23 grams
Colors: black (others on request)
QR Code: 15x15mm
Waterproof: yes
Customization yes, from 500 pieces (MOQ); Text or logo printable on keychain; different colors available
Technology QR Code


Make your data easier to access and save your Thync.it code directly on your smartphone.
Select "Add to start screen" in the browser menu (3 dots in the display). This will create an icon on your home screen. As with an normal app, you can now easily access your Thync.it code. The QR code no longer needs to be scanned.


Prevent the printed or engraved QR code mechanical influences such as impact, scratching or abrasion. Avoid contact with chemical substances or strong sunlight. The item can be cleaned with lukewarm water, soap and a soft brush with little pressure.
Not suitable for washing machines.
If the QR code should still become illegible, you will not lose any data. These are stored securely and reliably in a cloud-based data center and can be connected to a new Thync.it product. In addition, the data can be called up at any time in your Thync.it customer account.

Contact our Customer Service.


We do not have accessories or replacement parts for this product .

Data sheet

Storage Capacity
10 MB
Storage time
5 Years
Plastic and metal
EAN Code

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