Multipack Greeting Sticker

Surprise your family, friends or customers with a very personal, funny and innovative greeting message.

All people are very happy when they receive something personal and know that someone has come up with something special.

Complete your own greeting card or gift with your personal greeting message, pictures, self-recorded voice messages and videos.

Big effect, little effort!

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With the digital QR code sticker, every card or gift becomes a special experience and a successful surprise. Personal messages can be uploaded to the QR code as text, image, video and audio. These can easily be called up with the smartphone via the QR code. A fancy and impressive way to attach a personalized greeting message. In contrast to ordinary chat apps, the greeting messages always remain present on the card or gift.
The QR code sticker can be easily detached from the card and transferred to a gift or card. The QR code is activated with the smartphone and messages can be recorded. Thanks to the personal login, it is possible to edit or upload more data at any time.

IMPORTANT: An active internet connection is required to access the data and contact information. 


The unique functions combined on the QR code of the greeting sticker allow customization of all information and contact details:
  • Customized cover photo
  • Personalized title and information displayed above the cover photo
  • Text message
  • Upload multiple images
  • Short video messages
  • Voice Messages
  • Contact information e.g. for replies
  • Social Media Channels
  • Different languages


These are a few application examples. Of course, the greeting stickers can also be used in other ways:
  • Transfer QR sticker to paper card -> Digital Messages
  • Stickers on gifts
  • Wine Bottles
  • Gift baskets
  • Stickers on flouwer bouquets


Click on the QR logo or scan the QR code with your smartphone:
Greeting App Sample


Size: Sticker: 45x38 mmmm
Weight: n/a
Coulors: White
Size of card: 105x148 mm
Versions 4 different base cards
Waterproof: Sticker splash proof
Customization yes, from 500 pieces (MOQ); Customized text or logo on greeting sticker; Different colors available


Simplify access to your data and save your code directly on your smartphone.
Select "Add to start screen" in the browser menu (3 dots in the display). This will create an icon on your home screen of your device. Similar as with an app, you can easily access your code data. The QR code no longer needs to be scanned.


Protect the printed QR code from mechanical influences such as impact, scratching or abrasion. Avoid contact with chemical substances or strong sunlight. The item can be cleaned with lukewarm water, soap and a soft brush with little pressure.
Not suitable for washing machines.
If the QR code should still become illegible, you will lose no data. These are stored securely and reliably in a cloud-based data center and can be connected to a new product. In addition, the data can be called up at any time in your user account.
Contact our CUSTOMERSERVICE if you need any support. 


There are no accessories or spare parts available for this product:
Please contact our CUSTOMERSERVICE.

Data sheet

Storage Capacity
50 MB
Storage time
1 Year
Download volume / year
Quantity of codes

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