T-Luggage Tag

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With our T-Luggage tag for bags and luggages, your belongings can be quickly identified and located everywhere.

Update online your current location address through your smartphone - even if you do not have direct access to the baggage tag.

Often one forgets to update the new accommodation address on the luggage before departure. Also you do not like to announce your residential address for security reasons on the tag. With the new T-Luggage tag for bags and luggages, you can update all contact details directly from your smartphone, regardless of location, and adapt them to the situation.


All information can be updated at any time with your own smartphone, tablet or on a desktop - even if there is no physical access to the T-Luggage tag.

The following voluntary information can be saved and updated at any time:

- Name and current addresses

- Contact information such as Email, Phone, Whatsapp, Skype

- Anonymous account form (Finder can not identify your location data)

- Photos and content list of your luggage

No APP needed. All data can be updated directly through the browser using Progressive Web App Technology (PWA). It's a good idea to put a desktop copy of browser page on your smartphone or desktop for quick access. Use "Add to Home Screen" feature on Android or "Home screen" on iPhone.¨

All T-Luggage come with an individual QR code and an integrated NFC chip. Even if the QR code is dirty, scratched and illegible, the NFC chip can be read with a modern smartphone using a NFC reader APP. 

The T-Luggage can be easily attached to the suitcase, bag or backpack with the enclosed sturdy strap.

The T-Luggage luggage tag has no electronics or battery and is therefore absolutely maintenance-free and environmentally friendly.

To read the data an active internet connection is required.


Data sheet

Storage Capacity [MB]
10 MB
Storage duration [M]
5 years
Download volume [GB]
PVC with integrated NFC Chip
Quantity of Thync.it codes