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A party from all angles: Have your guests design and share the virtual pinboard with their own pictures and greetings.

Works very easy: Scan the QR code on the card with your smartphone and upload your own pictures - No registration is required for guests!

All content remains private and exclusive to those guests who scan the QR code on the card or have the specific link.

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At a company event many pictures are shot with the participants' smartphones. These pictures are stored on the smartphone or posted through the social media networks worldwide - even to people who do not attend this event. In addition, many participants have no access to the current event pictures.

Thanks to the Thync.it event card, all guests can upload their own pictures to the private and exclusive virtual pin board of the event. All guests who scan the QR code at the event will have easy access to the latest images.

This is how it works:

  1. Scan the QR code on the card with your smartphone (instructions on the back of the card)
  2. Open the event page directly in the browser.
  3. The quick-button immediately creates a snapshot and uploads it.
  4. With the gallery button you can select a photo on your smartphone or upload a photo with additional comment.
  5. With the message button you can post a greeting message to all participants.


  - All photos collected on the common event pin board

  - Personal greetings in text form

  - Live slideshow on a TV or projector (latest 15 pictures)

  - All data stored in Switzerland

  - Design of WebApp customizable with your own images

  - No APP required - runs directly in the browser

  - All images can be downloaded as a zip file by the administrator.

  - Administrator can delete images directly through the WebApp

  - Social media links can be displayed

With the event card every event becomes a unique experience with a long lasting effect.


Data sheet

Storage Capacity
300 MB
Storage time
5 Years
Download volume / year