T-Luggage Tag QR/NFC

NEW: Now with Quick Location Finder and Google Maps to display the return location!

With our T-Luggage tag for bags and luggages, your belongings can be quickly identified and located everywhere.

Update online your current location address through your smartphone - even if you do not have direct access to the baggage tag.

Often one forgets to update the new accommodation address on the luggage before departure. Also you do not like to announce your residential address for security reasons on the tag. With the new T-Luggage tag for bags and luggages, you can update all contact details directly from your smartphone, regardless of location, and adapt them to the situation.

Thanks to the integrated NFC chip, the data can be read securely with an NFC-enabled smartphone even if the QR code is dirty or damaged.

Colour: Blue
  • Blue
  • Brown
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Mark your luggage with DynaTag's robust T-Luggage tag and make it easier for the finder or luggage delivery service to contact you. If lost, another person (finder / delivery service) can easily identify your piece of luggage using the QR code or the integrated NFC chip and contact you directly. You decide what information you want to display on the QR code.
All data can be updated remotely at any time directly via your own smartphone, tablet or desktop - you do not need access to the QR code. You can also remotely update your location data (e.g. accommodation details) on your suitcase tag even after the loss or adjust it if you continue your journey.
No additional APP is required for configuration. All data can be updated directly via the web browser (web app technology).

IMPORTANT: An active internet connection is required to access the data and contact information. 


The unique function on the luggage tag combined with a QR code and NFC chip allow for an individual adjustment of all information and contact details:
  • Quick contact phone number(s) for fast contact
  • Extended contact information (address, phone numbers, email, whatsapp)
  • Exact delivery address with display on Google Maps
  • Capture GPS location point (if exact address is not available, e.g. campsite)
  • Display of the desired contact languages
  • Detailed information about the handover location (address, contact person, times)
  • Capture of location data through geolocation of the smartphone of finder
  • Automatic e-mail notification for scan and geodata transfer
  • All data can be adjusted at any time via the web app with a smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Without electronics or batteries - no maintenance required.
  • Pinboard for exchanging pictures and messages without registration
  • Very durable strap


These are a few uses. Of course, the luggage tags can also be used in other ways:
  • Suitcase tag
  • Backpack tag
  • Luggage tag
  • Sports equipment
  • Transport boxes
  • Anywhere something needs to be identified quicklyl


Click on the QR logo or scan the QR code with your smartphone:
Luggage App Sample


Size: Credit card format 85x54mm
Weight: 8 Gramm
Coulors: blue and brown)
Waterproof: yes
Customization yes, from 500 pieces (MOQ); text, logo and layout fully customizable; Different colors available


Simplify access to your data and save your Thync.it code directly on your smartphone.
Select "Add to start screen" in the browser menu (3 dots in the display). This will create an icon on your home screen of your device. Similar as with an app, you can easily access your Thync.it code data. The QR code no longer needs to be scanned.


Protect the printed or engraved QR code from mechanical influences such as impact, scratching or abrasion. Avoid contact with chemical substances or strong sunlight. The item can be cleaned with lukewarm water, soap and a soft brush with little pressure.
Not suitable for washing machines.
If the QR code should still become illegible, you will lose no data. These are stored securely and reliably in a cloud-based data center and can be connected to a new Thync.it product. In addition, the data can be called up at any time in your Thync.it user account.
Attention: NFC chip inside: keep away from magnetic sources

Contact our CUSTOMERSERVICE if you need any support. 


We do not have any accessories or replacement parts for this product.
Please contact our CUSTOMERSERVICE.

Data sheet

Storage Capacity
10 MB
Storage time
5 years
Download volume / year
PVC with integrated NFC Chip
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